The Microbiome Medicine Summit 

Dr Joseph Mercola 

March 1st, 2016

Dr Joseph Mercola in an interview with Dr. Kellman during the Microbiome Medicine summit was very informative.  Dr Mercola is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician (who practices in Schaumburg, Illinois) see more    Dr Mercola has been in the center of multiple controversies throughout his career. His anti-Vaccine stance and alternative medicinal approach to health care has put him in conflict with the Big pharma approach to customer creation and retention business. 

His approach to health isn’t complicated, it doesn’t require much money and  little time.  He proposes that the majority of the difficulties with the human condition is the growing disconnect from where we were and need to be and where we are now.  He has five incredibly easy steps in how to start turning your health problems around.  All of which have a direct effect on the gut and subsequently the brain.

Step 1. Access the Sun

He goes into some length about the value of the sun and says that supplementing is necessary to many people in the northern hemisphere because of climate restriction, but tha nothing truly replaces the multiple benefits from infared light exposure.  Certainly encourages me to save for that infared sauna I have been looking at.  Dr Kellmen and Dr Mercola agreed that medical school removes common sense for an medical outline created by the Carnegie/Rockerfeller foundation.  They have carefully choosen what information is disseminated to those in Medschool.  Like all forms of formal education the restrictions are limited by the providers.   The truest form of control. 

Step 2. Drink Clean Water

Step 3.  Eat real food

 He discusses many of the environmental causes to the growing problem of multiple autoimmune diseases.  Of course, GMOs are at the top of his list.  He says “Eat real food”.  Other changes he feels are responsible is the commercialization and addition of so much sugar to the average diet.  Sugar feeds the bad and leaves you vulnerable.  Dr Mercola talks about (RAB) Replicate Ancestral Behaviors.  This means duplicating the diet and behaviors (activity, sun exposure, sleep patterns) and eating what YOUR body was made to consume.  What were your ancestors’ practices? for more information 

Dr Mercola is a big fan of fermented foods and letting food be your medicine and talked about the synergistic relationship between all the bacteria and microbiome inside our bodies.   Adding probiotics naturally through eating fermented vegetables or by supplementation, and trying different strains, who have different balancing functions.  Adding prebiotical foods to your diet to help support that balance as well, like Jerusalem artichokes, Jicama and psyllium.   Eating organically and eat clean.

Step 4.  Move your body

Our metabolisms are created to operate with inertia being a powerful tool.  A body in motion stays in motion.  Again, take a look at ancestral behaviors.  When we were each responsible for our own growing and production of food we farmed and were active from sun up to sun down.  Today’s lifestyle is primarily one of sedation and our bodies are not working because they don’t have the push they need.  Becoming physically active for people who haven’t been for a while means increasing with moderation, but yes simply getting up and going for a walk is a great start to letting your body know it’s time to get back to work.


Step 5.  Get Adequate Sleep

Dr Mercola mentions some rare condition that affects 1 out of 10,000 people that allows their metabolisms to operate on 4 hrs of sleep, but the rest of us need 8 hrs.  t author of  The Microbiome Diet, a doctor trained in internal medicine.  His approach to medicine is patient- centered and holistic. He focuses on the complex interaction of systems — not just the disease but on you as a whole person who is greater than the sum of your parts. This is the time the body reboots.  No health plan can be complete without giving the body the time it needs to heal and process the environmental exposures.  He was very clear that eating before was a huge no-no.  Our bodies may crave food, but that’s because its out of sync.  3 hrs minimum food free prior to going to bed, although he usually goes 5-6 hours before bed without food.  He suggests that sweets should be eaten before activity.  His believe is that you can heal insulin resistance and help remove free radicals and other toxins with the right combination of foods,  that salvation is within the individuals’ diet and its affect upon the gut microbiome and subsequently the brain.


I enjoyed the audio cast and was impressed by Dr Mercolas humility, on several occasions during the discussion he mentions knowing enough to know you don’t know enough.  That the more he learns, the more he needs to learn.  Learning is a journey and Im glad I spent some time on the road with Dr Mercola through the Microbiome Medicine Summit put on by Dr. Rapheal  Kellman see more

written by Diane Quigley 03/01/16