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Dr. S. Nunnally Immune Defense Summit 

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Dr. Nunnally is a biological dentist located in Texas who provided some amazing insights into dental health and its impact on the immune system.  He refers to the mouth as the Gateway to the Gut and reviewed some of the major dental procedures and their health complications. 

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Mercury filled amalgam fillings being a source of heavy metal leeching that has horrible effects on the nervous system as well the heart.  He discusses how leeching occurs from these filling 24/7 but that it increases during consumption of heated food or beverages and tooth stimulating activities like eating and tooth brushing as well. He goes into great length to explain how finding the right dentist to address mercury is essential, that mercury is truly a toxic substance and it has to be removed very carefully to not make matters worse for the individual as well as the dental staff working around it, very scary that handling mercury outside the body requires specific protocols yet for decades it has been placed in peoples mouths with very little care or concern for its impact on the immune system.


Another procedure that results in health complications are root canals.  Once the root has been removed from the tooth it leaves a space that cannot be effectively sterilized and can become a nice safe retreat for numerous bacteria.  The process leave the tooth dead and without blood flow so that any treatments with antibiotics will never reach the infection, so it is left unaffected and festering unchecked. 

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Cavitations are another source of dis ease within the mouth.  These are not cavities that are holes that form within the tooth but bacteria laden holes left behind when teeth are removed from the jaw.  Like the spaces left by the root canal process these cavitations are safe havens for numerous bacteria including spirochetes.  Unlike tooth cavities, standard Xrays cannot locate and identify cavitations and a CAT scan called a cone beam image is needed to properly see these pockets. 


Another source of immune dysfunction from the mouth is gum disease.  Simply it is the bacteria that reside under the gums at the top of the teeth.  These spaces can become pocketed and can harbor a plethora of bug quorums that slowly leech out and into saliva and down into the digestive track.  He gives helpful tips including using a Water Pik system with or without hydrogen peroxide, using tooth pick to gently lift and remove debris and bacteria as well as using ozone to clean out the pockets.   He also promotes the use of coconut oil pulling and the addition of certain essential oils like peppermint, neem and clove to help eradicate these bacterial overgrowths. 

He discusses how very much like our intestinal microbiome, the mouth has one as well.  He mentions products like alcohol mouthwash actually remove helpful bacteria much like antibiotics do to the lower GI system and should be avoided.  He also discusses how consuming carbs and sugars help feed and encourage the growth of these bad bacteria and suggests a homemade concoction of 80% baking soda and 20% salt as a toothpaste alternative to help balance the PH levels and help as an antimicrobial agent to reduce the propagation of harmful bacteria.   He also mentions how dipping the toothbrush in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide can increase this DIY paste in keeping the mouth clean. 

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