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Dr. E Group Immune Defense Summit Review

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According to Dr. Group the Immune system is the body's self-healing communication network that deals with many invaders.  With 70-80% of the immune system found within the digestive track he lists the causes of immune suppression include environmental toxins found in our soil, air, water and food sources. 

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Bromine, chlorine, fluoride and halogens pollute our water sources, pesticides and herbicides are found in water, soil and are air borne as well.  Foreign chemical substances that make up pharmaceuticals  like acid reducing medications or microbiome destructive overuse of antibiotics, either taken by prescription or being dumped and ending up in our soil and water supplies. 

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Another cause of immune suppression come from radiation either from industrial accidents like; Chernobyl, 1986 in the Ukraine, Tokiamura, Japan in 1997, Fukushima, Okuma in 2011 to name but three disastrous environmental accidents that released radioactive materials or the radiation resulting from a multitude of microwavable foods currently on the market that result in deadening the foods cooked in them and poisoning them with nuclear waste. 

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All these things along with stress, which puts the digestive system in a sympathetic state and make it so digestion is stunted and nutrients are not absorbed.  So even if you are eating healthy foods your system isn't benefiting from them.  He goes on to talk about the end process of digestion, and one of the three routes of detoxing; constipation.  Food putrefies and toxins are reabsorbed if you dont have 2-4 bowel movements per day.  I was very surprised by the normal number of bowel movements he suggested as many doctors believe that 5 times per week is considered functional. Two other components he mentions are lack of exercise and adequate sunshine damage our microbiomes (gut ecosystem) leaving our immune systems weak and ineffective. 

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He lists simple, economical healing approaches to help reset and heal the gut and subsequently improve the immune system. He discusses numerous current studies that look at the healing value of fasting and adding probiotics to help the microbiome heal.  He strongly suggest fasting, increasing healthy sourced water intake, using stress management techniques, making sure you get lots of good quality sleep, exercise and making sure you are eating organically and adding pre/probiotics to your diet.  He also suggests supplementing iodine and both vitamin D3 and C to help boost healing. 

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