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Dr. Osborne Immune Defense Summit

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Author of No Grain, No Pain and Chiropractor with traditional medical training begins his talk with how to improve your immune system by becoming aware of the difference between healthy food and what he calls FROOD, frankenfood.   He discusses the breach of trust food producers and manufacturers have broken by creating products that are actually damaging to the human body and doing so for profit regardless of its negative impacts.   Foods that are laden with chemical substitutions for health nutrients and those riddled with GMOs and covered with toxic chemicals like glyphosate aka Round Up.

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By removing or eliminating these froods from your diet you can begin to help your overtaxed immune system heal itself.  When the immune system isn’t busy trying to protect our bodies from foreign entities in the Frood it can get busy addressing other issues like managing and balancing our microbiome.


He shares how there are multiple tests that can help you assess the state of your immune system such as; 

Looking at essential nutrients levels such as vitamin D, Zinc and numerous B vitamins, one such test that looks at 35 such levels is called SpectraCell.  

Testing Glutathione, and looking at inflammation with testing Calprotectin, Lysozyme, Secretory IgA.  As well as Liver and Gallbladder functioning with such tests as ALT and AST, lipase and amylase and pancreatic output, bilirubin and stool samples for fat content as well as bacteria loads.  

Testing for anemia is also something worth looking at, as it can affect gut health and therefore affect the microbiome and subsequently the immune system.

He looks at the benefits of adding certain components to your protocol either thru diet or direct supplementation, he suggest that adding vitamin C, Zinc and L-Glutamine (an amino acid) are essential to help the immune system heal and function.

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Finally he looks at the benefits of other lifestyle choices like getting adequate sleep, the benefits of fasting and consuming enough water and getting enough sunlight and exercise to keep the lymphatic system moving.

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