Dr. D Minkoff  Immune Defence Summit Review

Florida doctor, Dr Minkoff shares his experience and expertise in dealing with Lyme and other co infections effect on the immune system and how to help recover from its devastating effects.  He begins his discussion by explaining why Lyme seems to becoming a current epidemic and why after thousands of years of Borrelia being in existence that it is such an issue now. 

He talks about the environmental issues that have created such perfect storm conditions for Lyme to take hold and cause tragic fall out.  He looks at the typical North American diet and it’s the damaging leaky gut reactions.  How 70% of the immune system resides in the digestive track and how the damage reduces its ability to cope and address the multitude of viral, parasitical, viral and fungal invaders, so that when Lyme and the numerous vector borne pathogens are added to the mix the system is unable to subdue and fight effectively, leaving the individual with pathological overdoses and an ineffective immune system. 

He shares the links between mental and emotional fall out symptomology and how traditionally pharmaceutically trained health care physicians are treating these symptoms with gut damaging medications instead of looking at the whole picture.  He likens it to using a topical anesthetic and then placing ones hand on a hot stove element and not understanding why the skin is still burned. 

His discussion explores the current faulty testing approaches and how Lyme gets easily missed and undiagnosed by the majority of health care professionals, and how antibiotics contribute to the destruction of the gut lining and actually add to the immune system dysfunctional process.

He gives an overview of what it really takes to heal the immune system thru elimination of gut damaging foods and other toxins and what to do to bring back your immune system so that the body can effectively heal itself, as it was built to do.

By healing the gut and removing those external sources of damage, even those who are suffering with the most devastating disease diagnoses like ALS can recover and heal their immune system and their lives.  Without lifestyle changes there can be no true recovery or healing.  If nothing changes, indeed, nothing changes.