Inflammation….the cause for "dis ease" ?


What is inflammation and why does it seem to be the root cause to so many problems?

Inflammation is a vital part of the body's immune systems response. It is the body's process to heal itself after an injury; defend itself against foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria; and repair damaged tissue.  It is essential.  We want that process to be intact.  It is not a bad thing, until it exceeds our body’s ability to adapt and balance.  

"The Immune System is a complex set of cells, molecules, and tissues that allow for biological processes that protect and fight the host organism from invading foreign objects, rogue cells in body, cancer cells, and other potentially harmful particles.

Several foreign objects such as virus, bacteria, parasites, and other objects can damage the body

Some things within the body itself will attack such as cancer and autoimmune disease

Overall the immune system has a large and challenging task of protection, detection, modification, and destruction of the above mentioned issues and several more."

Inflammation created by diet, or exposure to environmental elements like heavy metals, EMFs and environmental toxins that create an overload for our immune systems and reducing the bodies responses.  If you think of it as multitasking and asking the body to do too many tasks simultaneously.  It burns out, melts down, goes off balance and cannot perform basic tasks, like limiting inflammation responses. 

Inflammation shouldn’t be eliminated completely, but it certainly needs to be properly managed.  This can be done by reducing/removing exposures to all toxicities.  Let’s look at some of the things that we are exposed to every single day unknowingly and unwillingly.  

How often have you heard community elders use the phrase,

“We never had this much…(disease of preference)..when I was younger.” 

It isn’t poor memory, it is an accumulative effect, each small exposure added exponentially to create the burden of the toxic overload.  

So what has really changed in our world and how has it made our health decline? 

#1  Heavy Metals

#2 Social demands

#3 Stress

#4 EMFs ElectroMagnetic frequencies

#5 Airborne toxins, mycoplasma, mold and Chemtrails

#6 Water and nature borne pathogens

Environmental toxin #1

                                                                Heavy Metals

This process has been slowly changing for several thousand years from the Iron Age and Bronze Age.  Man found and started to use certain natural resources as the basis for their societies.  When we look at more recent history, with the industrial age, products could be made out an amalgamation/concoction/potion of various elements and be manufactured easily and distributed over large areas.  Heavy metals never once mined now are profitable, like; aluminum, mercury, sodium, silver and copper.  Each used within numerous products that have become common place, each changing the natural balance of exposure.  How dangerous could a copper pot, or a little bit of mercury be?  Unfortunately time is the teller of all truths, and many seemingly harmless inventions have tilted our natural balances.

It is of no surprise to anyone I’m sure, this is also when profit became a greater goal then quality or safety.  The industrial age introduced the world’s population to the concept of recalls, a fancy term for manufacturing error that causes harm.  The more popular the product the greater the extent of damage caused by a failure in any product. 

This introduces the reality that business is powerful.  They control what is created for consumption; at one time it was very limited to what was available or affordable.  Now our society is dependent on others for the basics like water, food, clothing and housing.  Most of us rely on community services, like hydro, gas and sanitation.  We are taught to accept that submission without question. 

Like Pavlov and his dogs, the bell rings and we salivate, or preform as expected.  Each generation has followed under the spell of the PRODUCTs easy and functionality.  How wonderful our lives would be once the product is used as directed, an ease that unfortunately has separated us from basic needed survival skills.  We have become so civilized or trained that we no longer question so many things that we see but don’t want to believe. 

Environmental toxin #2

     Social demands

Another source of toxin is medications and the influence of Big pHARMa.  Doctors, researchers and scientists backed by big business looking for the most cost effective way to make a return costumers.  Makes perfect business sense and has been the backdrop to numerous chemical assaults on our bodies and our natural environments. 

Heating sources throughout the last two centuries have been harvested from the planet, each supposedly the answer everyone wanted.  The need for warmth and light has been used against man, from the decimation of the whales when its oil was more precious than gold, to the criminal suppression of Tesla’s electrical knowledge.  Business men have made the choices that have affected us all.  Businessmen who’s imagine is created to balance out their obvious desire for profits and a frequent false persona of social charitable contributions.  Businesses that hire marketing companies to make them look good and that pay other businesses for the privilege of hierarchy. 

Yet prior to 1910 and the Flexner report that created the AMAs power over medical schools and the information disseminated to any students of medicine.  From that moment on medicine was not about best practices but about best profit margins.  Medicinal practices once used were removed from the AMA approved chosen few.  If you wanted to have approval they had to stop teaching things like homeopathy, osteopathy and herbal natural remedies.  What was best, was what was produced and controlled by a select few businesses.  Again, the use of marketing is immense, far outweighing the cost of creation of many of the popular go-to medications, like anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants and blood pressure control medications.  All medications needed because of an imbalance in lifestyle and made worse with a quick fix band aid solution.  

Factory food and its mystery additives  VS  The natural human diverse microbiome

As society has grown, so has its need for food.  This is unfortunately another door we unknowingly opened for the sake of ease, convenience and cost.  More people require more food, agriculture has always been a very unreliable business, too easily affected by the environmental changes.  Too much or too little rain and a crop can be lost and the farmer left with nothing to show for his work.  Again, supply and demand paving the way for those same scientists, as the ones creating medications.  With the right combinations of chemicals they have created genetic modified organisms (GMOs) and are making  genetically modified foods with them.  Unfortunately very little research has gone into the safe guarding of this process, and people do not know the fall out of consuming food like products on the inflammation system.  These GMO’d foods are not being absorbed or digested properly and they are damaging our gut lining and our microbiome.  75%+ of our immune system our in our digestive track and responsible for our immune inflammation response, if we kill our guts with chemicals, we kill our own immune systems and increase the potential for Visceral fat deposits, another dietary linked toxin. 

Environment toxin #3


Stress is the trigger to numerous biological functions that create imbalance and affect the effectiveness of the immune system.  Everything from hormonal changes created by cortisol swings (Fight/Flight response) to the changes in the digestive systems level of acidity altering the guts functioning creates problems with your microbiome. 

Essentially, when our bodies are dealing with all types of stress they are not at peak performance, being distracted by external or internal stimuli.  The endocrine and the lymphatic system are thrown off balance when stress alters the OAT and the HPA axis, creating a cascade of symptoms and neurotransmitter imbalances.  

      Environment toxin #4

 EMFS (ElectroMagnetic Fields)

Like many inventions in efforts to make life easier and more convenient the harnessing and creation of electromagnetic frequencies/fields have altered not just the ease of many activities, but it has also changed how we all experience our very environment.  Everything works on its own frequency and performs best in a place where that frequency is supported.  As a child I remember the CB radio and the fascination with being able to communicate long distances without direct wired contact.  Air waves carry different frequencies, from radio waves, microwaves to gamma waves requiring only technology to create and send/receive signals.  What once was a novel idea has expanded with computer technology; certain waves not produced naturally are now everywhere.   The earth and everything on it has its own innate frequency that it preforms most successfully at, today’s 4G and 5G wireless signals used for telephones and media transmissions are exposing us all to frequencies that interfere with our optimal performance. 

Grounding or Earthing are terms used to describe the process of trying to get back into the proper earth and body nurturing frequencies/fields.  There are many ways to tune into the proper signals including taking a walk barefoot on a sandy beach to complicated PEMF systems meant to alter cellular EMF effects. 

Contact with the earth, epsom salts and lavender soaks, and even handling natural crystals will help ground and balance you.

                                  Environment toxin #5  
Airborne toxins, Mycoplasma, mould and Chemtrails

As every cell in our bodies is capable of absorbing external toxins it makes sense that the lining of the respiratory system are able to absorb anything from the air we inhale; from the smallest dust, chemical or mold or other pathogen particulate to the smog, smoke and industrial waste we see streaming out of factory chimneys everywhere.  What we inhale becomes part of our reality, whether we want it to or not.  History has seen numerous short-sighted introductions of various chemicals being spread on crops to prevent bugs destroying them and into the air for the protection of microscopic pathogens, like DDT. 

Several years ago I became along some information too difficult to swallow at first, too unbelievable, it seemed to be something right out of some conspiracy theory.  Further investigation into the topic of weather manipulations by releasing certain compounds into the stratosphere showed me that indeed there are substances being added to the air.  What are they and what do they do are still a mystery to me, however I know that nothing good can come from trying to manipulate nature with the use of artificial means.  Most importantly, as community members, we are being subjected to the fallout without our consent.

      Environment toxin #6
Water and Natural pathogens

Our water table and our ecology are two systems that have been dramatically changed with modernization.  Industry has dumped as many toxins into our water as they have into our air, creating a dis eased ecology.  The food chain has been damaged and we continue to encroach on natural habitats, forever changing the natural interactions that were meant to exist. 

Mankind continue to think that they can use and change the world to fit what they want without consequences.  Unfortunately, large corporations, businesses and policy makers have decided to put profit above environmental safety.  We will continue to be subjected to their choices as long as they allowed to continue.